Open your scissors and place several small drops of oil on the pivot between the blades and on the front and back sides of the adjustment nut. (Check out the oil placement guide above if you’re not sure where to start.)

After applying the oil, work the scissors open and closed until the blades move smoothly and easily, adding more oil to the pivot as needed. This process should be carried out at regular intervals to prolong the life of your scissors and to prevent from rusting. Once the oil has been worked in, use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess oil. If you live in a climate where scissors are prone to rusting, you can also wipe a very small amount of oil over both of the blades to protect the metal when the scissors aren’t being used.

Oiling and cleaning will enhance the performance and extend the cutting life of your Scissor-Tailed professional scissors. Regular cleaning and lubrication protect your scissors against rust and it will also ensure proper movement of the blades.