August 12, 2017


Hello and nice to meet you! We here at Scissor-Tailed are passionate about designing and making tools that will last a lifetime and will make life easier for people who need and love to use them, the ones who enjoy life and care about small details in their daily life.

And we believe that anyone with creativity and passion should be empowered to unite around ideas that matter to them, and together with our tool provided, make those ideas come to life! 

Because every inventive or inspired idea should have its shot, and every creative and passionate crafter should have their moment, we’ve chosen to supply the tools you need, so together…we can create masterpieces..and art!

In the end, we have decided we will collect your smiles and create those meaningful memories from them, because what is more beautiful than being able to bring happiness to others?!

Thank you for choosing Scissor-Tailed and allowing us to be part of your life!


Dianna O.

Founder Scissor-Tailed.