February 3, 2021

Wood-Burning Kit

  • → YOUR COMPLETE PYROGRAPHY PEN KIT ➤ For getting started– Use these essentials tools to create designs on all types of wood, cut stencil, soldering, craft paper, hot stamping, emboss fabric, image transferring or carve a variety of surfaces such as wood, leather, cork and card. It will help you get started in mastering the art of writing with fire.


  • → UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY ➤ Our advanced Wood Burner Pyrography Pen heats quickly, has excellent heat retention and a variable and adjustable heat setting witch is essential for burning on different types of surfaces. It has a modern slip and heat resistant handle. The grip of the wood burning pen uses a heat-insulating sheath, which is resistant to high temperature, soft texture, and non-slip properties, allowing you to play your creative skills more stably and comfortably.


  • → PERFECT AS A GIFT ➤You are not offering a simple gift, but a full Pyrography Art Experience. The gift includes: 30W BURNING PEN and SAFETY STAND, 36TIPS -for wood burning drawing and stamping, soldering and knife tip, 1pcs of METALIC ALPHABET & NUMBER STENCIL–for more impact on work, 1pcs PLIER–for replacing tips without waiting for cooling and a COMPLETE GUIDE BOOK–with Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Better Results; all in a PREMIUM QUALITY ALUMINUM BOX–for keeping everything well-organized


  • → WIDE RANGE OF TIP PATTERNS ➤Scissor-Tailed Pyrography Pen Kit comes with 36 different Interchangeable Tips (for e.g., shading tip, razor blade tip, calligraphy tip, flow tip, tapered tip, pattern transfer tip, stripes tip, branding tips, knife tip, soldering tips etc.) which allow you to make a wide range of pyrography patterns, have variations in the thickness of strokes and even make easy cuts using the razor blade tip. The kit also has soldering tips and wire for quick soldering jobs.